which deck stain?

jane88888April 22, 2014

Hi. Can you help me decide which deck stain brand name and type would work best for me?

First off, I live in NE Ohio (Cleveland, OH area).

I have an old deck. The last stain that was applied a couple years ago is peeling and wearing off. Unfortunately I do not know what kind of stain was used. It appears to be solid - not too much natural wood grain showing through (other than where worn). It would probably be difficult to get every bit of stain off the deck. Might have been behr but I'm not at all sure about that.

Which stain brand name and type would be best to use in this situation and what would the process need to be? The deck is old so a transparent type stain wouldn't look too good I don't think. We were thinking about a solid type but then I heard they actually wear worse on the deck floor. True?

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Since the deck is old...
>>> It's NOT gonna matter WHAT stain you put on! Unless you've sanded it, the grain is WAAAaaayyy to crushed too hold any stain anymore. Think of old/worn carpet paths in a home! Same idea here...

2 overall choices:

1) Replace the lumber!
UNLESS...you have Redwood, or more select grades of wood.
This would be worth saving. Older lumber is often better than newer stuff. (See option #2 here...)

-- OR --

2) SAND the deck floor with a 12"x18' vibrating FLAT-plate sander via a rental-store.
* My Construction-Heart grade Redwood deck was built in 1996, in Fargo, ND.
* West exposure, ZERO shade.
* You can't buy this stuff anymore unless you've got DEEEEP pockets!
* I've sanded my floor TWICE in that time-frame.
* I've taken off my steps...16 32" 2x6's...THREE times, and sanded those!!
* Hand-rails have been done twice too.

>>> Why am I babbling about this?
* Because my 18y/o Redwood still looks damn-near NEW.
* I used a couple different types of Sikkens stains, BUT...it looks so good because of periodic SANDING. NOT because of stain alone!!
* I do have some threads on this forum, & maybe the Paint forum, showing what I've done somewhat recently...


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