free standing tub filler and hand shower with remote valves

southgeorgia_girlDecember 19, 2010

I bought a floor model of MTI's Elise solid surface free standing tub. I want it to fill from behind and center. It is really too wide to reach across, so I need to have the valve wall mounted. I like the floor mounted fillers but only the digital ones have the option of remote valves. Or am I missing one?

Deck mounted is the only other option as the wall behind the tub is mostly glass, starting at 19 inches aff. We are thinking of building a box of some sort with a solid surface top and deck mounting, but again I am running into issues of finding what I want.

Looking for a zen look in the bathroom. Bamboo flooring. Any help finding tub filler would be appreciated. Thx.

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Email a few manufacturers. Tell them in one sentence you want flex lines, remote valves, and high flow. like the examples you will give them, the ABC and the YXZ. They will all respond.

It's all mix and match these days, with remotes and flex lines.

Last week I saw that Kohler's Oblo 3/4" valves would do fine for what you need.

Geberit's Cascading Overflow will also do fine. In Italian, "erogazione" or erogation will bring up some other results like this. The tub fills from the same place as the overflow hole. Any remote valve will do.

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