add potassium permanganate to water softener

fraterainDecember 23, 2006

I was told that I could add potassium permanganate to my water softener salt reservoir and that would help to regenerate my water softener system. It looks like a nasty purple mess when you add it to water. What will this do to my water softener?

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I would not add that to your brine solution tank or any other way with the intent of "cleaning" your softener.

I have never heard of anyone doing this or advising anyone else to do it.

There are other chemicals you can add to your brine tank to assist in cleaning the resins or disinfecting. I don't know if potassium permangante will do any damage.

Check the link below and ask questions there for specific reaction of chemicals to resins.

Here is a link that might be useful: resin link

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Potassium Permanganate (PP) is normally used to re-oxygenate a greensand filter, which is used to oxidize sulfur gas and iron.

PP will permanently stain your brine tank and the innards of your resin tank (the softener itself). I would expect that the stain coating it places on the resin will negatively affect the resin's ability to take on sodium ions during your softener's regeneration process.

No sodium ions on resin = No softening ability.

I would advise you to NOT place PP in your softener's brine tank.

If you wish to clean your softener's bed, you can use a small amount of Iron Out (laundry additive that dissolves ferric iron that can accumulate within the resin tank) to clean it up. I think 1/4 cup dumped down the brine well 1 hour prior to regeneration will clean it up nicely (provided the resin bed is not already blocked by iron, a condition that occurs in softeners in which the salt level in the brine tank has not been religiously kept filled).

Hope this helps.

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