Replastering and changing out tile estimates

RandommApril 25, 2013

We live in the Seattle area and have only found 2 companies who replaster and upgrade gunite pools. The costs seem outrageous and I was wondering if these estimates are average cost or should I keep looking for more bids? Our pool is 18 x 28. The first bid estimate for just replastering is $9,250 plus tax. To replaster and retile is $15,140.56. The second bid estimate for replastering and installing 2"x2" surface bullnose tile on edge of pool, spa steps and benches is $13,680 plus tax. To replaster and retile everything is $23,680 plus tax. I'm so frustrated and these costs just seem so high. I am at a loss on what to do... Any help or suggestions would be helpful.

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What kind of surface are they putting on? Just regular plaster or something else?

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If you want to break out the tile and pool coping from the pool interior plaster redo then get an estimate from a stone mason and tile setter with a good reputation. Pool coping is not specific from any other surface and neither is the tile accept the old plaster has to be removed first. However , tile grout for pools may be specific.

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It seems that pool renovation is highly geographically dependent, and in areas where there are not a lot of pools, there is not a lot of competition so there is no downward pressure on the pricing. I've found that in my area (OKC) and when I hear what people in Dallas (just a few hours away!) pay for some of the same pool services I am green with envy.

I would suggest you keep looking for bids. Talk to neighbors/friends at school/work/church/Facebook etc. and put the word out that you are looking for a company to renovate your older pool. Maybe they can hook you up with some more companies for quotes as well as recommendations.

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