Shower Head Leaks when Tub Faucet is on

samspeckleDecember 11, 2010

I replumbed my bathroom and installed new hot and cold valves (seperate) along with a new tub faucet with diverter and shower head. The piping to the shower is in the wall. I just added a T-connector to the pipe leading to the faucet. I was hoping that the water would take the straight path to the tub faucet. I hoped that the 90 degree turn in the T-connector and the height of the shower head would keep the shower from running when the tub faucet was open. However, this has not been the case; the shower is dripping at about 1/4 flow when the water is running through the tub faucet.

Everything seems perfect when the faucet diverter is closed.

One other interesting thing (maybe) is that there is a lot of turbulance coming out of the tub faucet with the diverter open.

1. Did I do my plumbing correctly by adding the T-connector up to the shower head?

2. Is there too much pressure and/or resistance in the tub faucet?

Let me know your thoughts and comments. Thanks!

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Not sure what the T would be for. Every one i've installed it was a straight run from the top of the valve to the shower head. The valve should have two outlets, one for the shower, the other for the tub spout.HTH

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