1/4 turn shutoff valve

paulmarsDecember 27, 2012

placed one between the shower pipe and the shower head. Did this because the cold water knob leaks causing shower head to drip. Otherwise, need to cut into wall to replace the cold knob. I did this 10 years before for my home and it works to stop the shower head from dripping because of the leaky water knob. However, I just did it again for a friend and the newly purchased 1/4 turn shut off valve leaks. So, I brought it back to the plumbing store and got a refund. they tell me that law now requires these to drip to stop from scolding ppl. This true?


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Chances are you did not buy a "shut off" valve for your friend. You bought a diverter and yes, they leak on purpose.

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First, did you try to repair the leaky valve and replace the stem washer?

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Type of pipe?

It can be rater touchy to solder in smaller valves without overheating them and damaging seals.

Removing the stem is often a good choice.

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Im not breaking into wall to find out. Im not breaking into wall at all. Thats why I did this.

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