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casmanApril 1, 2009

Working with PB's now and getting bids, finally down to 2 guys. One mentioned it would look great to put LED lights in the waterfeature, one or two for a 4'x4' stone water feature, which made sense (free from pool with two led's, and one in raised spa) - however the other said they are very hard to replace and burn out easily. The latter also tried to steer me away from LED lights completely, so I think he just doesn't like them for whatever reason. Is an LED hard to change out? What is the life expectancy? Seems like it would be quite the wow factor to have color changing LED in the waterfall!

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Pool lights, LED or otherwise would need to be in 18" of water unless the inspector is sleeping. You may have to use low voltage or fiber optics in this case. Plans or photos would help as a 4x4 WF could mean lots of things.

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Thanks pool guy mike - so maybe fiber optics is what the guy was talking about, sorry don't have any plans and pics yet. I'm having a separate guy do the low voltage lighting for the yard, so maybe i just have them run power over there and let him do it if it's going to be fiber optic or low V. Brings up another issue - we are doing a shelf (12" of water) with a bubbler that i had hoped to light up but have not discussed that yet. maybe overkill...what kind of lights do folks use to light up a bubbler on a shallow shelf?

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I do not know the depth of your water feature but I have designed in LED Savi Notes into my pool. They require only 4" of water depth to the light and fit in a 1.5" threaded return fitting.

I have not seen them in action yet but my designer has used them often.

There are also led driven fiber, but if you have the 4" of water depth the notes or the new melody should do the trick.

See the link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Nexxus Led Lights

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Are these the SAVI lights that are ETL listed and state they conform to UL676 yet they have an aluminum heat sink inside them? Aluminum is a no no per UL676. If so, I think the industry as a whole needs to take a closer look at what they are installing in pools.

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I have used pond style led lighting in waterfeatures, they are great and very bright with low wattage usage.
Here are some I have used. The bullet is awsome, looks as bright as a 20w light with only one watt of power.

Here is a link that might be useful: LED pond lights

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The bullet looks awesome, just bought two from the site for PB to put in, lest he try and mark me up! Very helpful input, thanks!

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I'm also looking for an inexpensive submersable light to fit in a small tank that feeds my waterfall. One thing to watch out for is that some pond lighting is not for use in swimming pools. I'm not sure why though.

Here is a link that might be useful: Caution @ bottom of spec sheet

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Any suggestions on how I can light my waterfall. I just realized our PB did not have anything planned for lighting to the waterfall. Thanks. Katherine

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Katherine, have they finished your deck yet? Hopefully you still have a path for the electrical conduit that'll go from the equipment pad to the waterfall. I'm not sure how best to light it, though. The PB would probably know best.

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Thanks for the link to the Savi lights but there is a 4" water minimum. What LED lights can you use in a waterfall going into a spa?


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See that link I posted earlier and consider the X-STREAM FLEXIBLE ACCENT LIGHT KITS. That way you can use LED drivers and the fiber option lights to light the waterfall and you will not need to be under-water.

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