Concrete Repair or Replace?

niecyt13April 25, 2010

Ok, I bought an older home this past November and the yard had gone to pot. It is rather large and did have an old patio with a horrible cover which I promptly tore down. There are front and rear porches that are covered and good size in good repair. The walkway that runs from the rear porch to driveway has sunk into the earth in some spots causing water to pool at those points. The patio has cracks and is uneven in several areas and cracks are all the way through. I got an estimate on replacing the patio and walkway for a total of $2395 and they will fix the slope of the yard to correct the drainage problems. My question is, would it be less expensive to put in pavers? I just love them and at least they do not crack. I am 57 years old and though if I could perhaps utilize the patio and add the pavers myself while paying for the prep-work I could save a few bucks and get what I really want. A pergola kit! Has anyone ever set one of those kits up and how hard are they? Is there any way to fix the patio somehow? I also want to build a fire pit.

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I believe it will be necessary to remove the concrete walk and patio before installing pavers. Pavers require at least a 4" stone base below for drainage - more if you live in a severely cold climate or plan to have extreme weight (like a hot tub) upon them.

You're right, pavers won't crack and they can be re-leveled if setting occurs. Yes, you can DIY the pavers. I did - it is a lot of physical labor but not particularly hard to engineer. Can't give you a price estimate but figure you'll need to acquire a truck load of crushed stone, sand and 4.5 standard brick pavers per sq. ft. Most likely will need to rent a transit (for grade determination), plate compactor and wet saw at various points through construction.

Personally, I am not familiar with pergola kits. Most likely footings for weight and anchorage are necessary and must be positioned and poured before building the patio.

If you go to "My Page" I have photos of our paver patio and of our pergola. Both were DIY projects and if you decide to undertake building yours I may be able to offer some experience.

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