Porch/Lanai Addition - Could this cost be right?

windlassieApril 18, 2010

I have another question for the wonderful people here. I posted this on the porch & deck forum but only got a very smart aleck response.

Our house (in Florida) doesn't currently have a lanai. So we want to add that before or concurrently with our pool build.

Here is what we're hoping for: 15' x 40', trussed roof, columns for support, arches between the columns, wiring for lights, ceiling fans, outlets and cable. The cost of screening and decking is already built into pool quotes so that wouldn't be included.

The first estimate we received was $30K. This knocked our socks off! I'm looking for input on whether or not this seems realistic. If that's really the cost, we need to seriously re-think our plan.

I've attached a picture to give you an idea of what we're looking for, though the picture is far more elaborate. We aren't looking for the built in fireplace, bar etc. Because our depth is only 15', we wouldn't even need the columns on the sides, just 3-4 columns across the front. My understanding is that they are some type of hollow material with styrofoam bases.

As always, thank you very much!


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I wouldn't say that price is out of line.
It comes in at 50 per sq/ft.
This is the price per square I quote on medium size porch additions, on smaller porch additions I charge more per square ft.
I find it cheaper to build a stand alone shade structure than grafting into a home.

See ya,

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Kelly -

Thank you, that is helpful. Although not the answer we wanted, it helps me realize we need to look at other alternatives.


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quote" Although not the answer we wanted, it helps me realize we need to look at other alternatives. "quote

Never blame the messenger for your reply to a question, LOL!!!

Here's a link to some alternatives for pool shade and outdoor living. This thread was for a member last year looking for insight like yourself. If your backyard is large enough it's always cheaper to build a stand alone instead of grafting into an existing home's roof line.

I can show you many pic's of both ways, you always get more space for your money on a free standing structure.

See ya,

Here is a link that might be useful: some free standing outdoor living areas

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Just to clarify - we won't be grafting into an existing roofline. Our house is two stories, so the lanai roof would attach to the house between the first and second floors. Our pool has to have a cage - a la HOA - so that's going to have to attach to the house in some way anyhow.

Does that make any difference?

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Stacy, we arent in FLA, but I priced a similar size with no trussed roof, just metal, no decorative columns in Vegas at $24,500 last year, not including permits. You may try to find someone who works with these products www.metalsusa.com I don't work for them, just use their products. Don't know what wind load you need, we build to 110 mph here in the desert, get lots of wind but not hurricanes. hth Barb

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quote" Does that make any difference? "quote

No, it'll still attach to your home. When I say roof line it's a general term. When I attach to the back of a two story home I'm fastening to the brick, siding or stucco instead of the roof line, but it's still an attachment to an existing improvement (home).

Can you post some photo's from different angles looking
into and up above the area your wanting to take in with the new ceiling???
This'll help a bunch.
I've never worked with the products Barb suggested but it would be well worth looking into. I'll bet the installation company for your screen room can also do this metalwork. My screen room guy works with all types of these products and I'll bet your does too.
It should be more affordable but will never show as well as having the decorative wooden look like your picture offers for the ceiling, you'll most likely look up at metal rafters supporting metal roof panels.

See ya,

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In my area (Brevard County, Space Coast Florida) anything that touches the home has to meet the same wind codes, etc that the house must meet.

Just my opinion, but as a Florida resident I suggest a call to your homeowner's (wind) insurance policy holder and to your local building official/code enforcement officer before getting too much further along in your plans.

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Here is a view of the back of our house:

And here is the view looking out from the back of our house. We want to make sure that we don't obstruct the view too much.

lbridges - we would only be using licensed contractors with proper permits and inspections along the way - I love your pool by the way, I was showing my husband pictures of it earlier this morning.

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Why not consider an alluminum screen in porch. We went with this with insullated walls and roof, we now call the Flamingo lounge. As I recall it was about 8K with 8 inch footers. It is 20ft x 19ft and it serves a great purpose as protection from rain and cold. Look at our pool build to get an idea of what I am talking about http://www.thathomesite.com/forums/load/pools/msg0718532217198.html?21

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Your rear elevation offers the easiest graft of all the different types I encounter, this is a plus. But It'll still come in in the mid to upper 20's.
I'm curious, did the price you were quoted include concrete patio decking??? Mine at these prices would include an equal amount of rainbow peagravel steel reinforced concrete decking. Utilizing a stamped and patterned concrete or with floor tiles it would be back near the 30ish price range. Travertine or slate tile would put it well above the 30.

Here's other alternatives I construct a lot of, the first shot's are from "Amy Texas" you can use this forums search engine to find her build "new pool in the woodlands"
I place polycarbonate roof panels over these in either clear, charcoal, or bronze colors. Clear covers are just that, and the other two are like looking up into the sky with different colored sunglasses on. I think Amy will vouch for how watertight they are in the rain in SE Texas

Here are some in front of an upstairs porch.

And here are some where I took in the back of a chopped up home with three different ones to make the entire rear weatherproof and put in a summer kitchen and serving cabinets.

This look will come in the low 30's per sq/ft and end up in the low 20's on your size of 40x15.
Trust me, it'll never compare to your first pictures, but it is a good luck for a lot less coin and equally weather tight.

See ya,

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Kelly -

Thank you so much for the time and thought you have given me! You have definitely provided food for thought.


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