Toilet cleaning smell

Shawn-123December 15, 2013


I have a new house (2012) with several bathrooms. One of the bathrooms had an issue with the toilet being installed very crooked, which the builder fixed prior to closing. However, now whenever I clean the toilet in that bathroom (e.g., with The Works-type chemicals) the chemical smell from the cleaner is almost overwhelming and takes several days to dissipate (even with the bathroom fan on). This does not happen in the other two bathrooms in the house, including one that is on the other side of the wall as the problem bathroom.

The builder's warranty will expire soon. Is this something that could be caused by the toilet being installed improperly? Any suggestions would be appreciated!



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Sounds like you have good ventilation, which should get rid of the smell pretty quickly after cleaning. My guess is that you are leaving a pool of cleaner somewhere in the bathroom and it continues to emit vapors until it dries. I would check that the base of the toilet is sealed to the floor with caulk to prevent liquids from going under the toilet, then very slowly drying. Similarly, if the cleaning solution is getting through the flooring or under/behind the baseboards.

If this is happening from cleaning inside the bowl and not outside, then you probably have leakage around the wax ring. Potentially when they straightened the toilet they didn't replace the wax ring or damaged it and liquids from inside the bowl are leaking under the toilet.

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If not already done, caulk the bottom of the toilet, pedestal (if any) and baseboards (if any), access panel that runs to the floor(if any), etc. Basically, anywhere the water can run underneath.

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