Shower, handheld, delta?

colorfastDecember 7, 2012


I am redoing my shower-tub area. This is a bathroom for two teens and a 12 year old. Would like it to look pleasant but not trying to win a design award. Did really love my big heavy KWC faucet I got on clearance but not sure I'll get that lucky again.

I am trying to figure out whether you can mix different brands of plumbing items for a single shower and tub combo, or what works with what.

Plumber was there anyway to do other work, and I asked him to fix a steady drip in my faucet. He said my Valley Valve is no longer made or parts for it. Because of the structural 2x4s behind the wall related to the stairway (I live in a tri-level), he recommended getting a tub/shower valve that was smaller in size. His suggestion was: Standard Delta 1700 series shower valve with either Leland or Lehara trim.

I would like a handheld shower head so that I can get in there and wash my dog. If it is a good showerhead, that can be the only showerhead or we can do a splitter and a handheld on one of the two. I am concerned that the reviews I read on some of the Home Depot level handhelds were not at all promising. A lot of leaking and poor water pressure. What do you suggest?

Also would love a chlorine filter if possible. We all, especially my daughter who will be using it, have very dry hair and skin. I'm hoping that would help.

Could you explain what is compatible with this valve that will not cost a fortune? Can I mix brands or will the different parts not fit each other?


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