Alternative to Knockdown Wall Texture

happsMarch 3, 2014

In the past, I've used Homax Knockdown Wall Texture in spray bottles when I needed to re-texture a bathroom wall after a mirror removal, but it seems like each bottle doesn't go very far at $14 each. Is there a better product for less money out there?

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I wish I could find something that actually worked. I have knockdown in my house (all the builders grade houses in my area do) and I can never get my retexture to look like the surrounding wall. It drips.

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I use drywall mud. Dilute it and stir until it's yogurt texture, then dip a sponge in it and dab the area you need to patch ... and well into the already textured areas. Make irregular peaks all over the area.

When they are almost dry, strike them off (knock them down) with one firm swipe of a drywall knife. Let it finish drying, prime and paint.

The trick is to avoid making neat little patches over the bare spots ... patches should be irregular in shape and if the damage is in a regular pattern, do the retexturing in a few undamaged spots to break the pattern up.

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lazy, thanks. I'll have to try that. My garage walls are covered with experiments and practicing.

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Circus Peanut

What's knockdown?

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"What's knockdown?"

"Knockdown" is a method for finishing drywall. Builders love it because the lack of skill of the tapers and finishers gets covered.

The finisher loads a slurry into a gun that spits it on the wall in blotches. After it sets up a bit, he takes a large drywall "knife" and "knocks down" the blotches into random flat patches that are inconsistent in size.

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I saw a stencil at Ace Hardware that you put on the wall, spread the mud over it and then pull the stencil off. I haven't tried it, but it might be an option for an easy spot patch.

This may not be the same brand that I saw at Ace, but it is the same principle

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gpraceman, that's a good tool to have. Hope it can be had for less $$ than the one in the ad.

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This post should have been here Saturday! That's when I needed the info! I've tried knockdown repair at my daughter's home and the stuff they sell with the tool to knock it down did not work for me. I knew there had to be a better way and I asked someone at Home Depot and he recommended exactly what Lazygardens said to do. I bought a sea sponge at home depot, dampened the sponge and used the mud right out of the pail. I sponged it on like Lazygardens said to do and then used a flat bladed drywall knife that I wiped with a damp towel before holding at an angle to drag it across the mud. It worked great. I practiced first, but I did not need much practice because it worked so well.

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I have the drywall repair tool in all 3 sizes. We need a size between medium and large. We tried it per the instructions. We tried it by dragging a straight edge over it. It just looks wrong. Next time I will wait until it almost dry, then knock the edges down.

If that doesn't work, I will try the sea sponge method. It is bound to be faster than taping those templates over and over!

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