white haze along pool tile line

michelle16April 29, 2011

Hi everyone, our pool was just opened(last year was our first year so we are newbies)I had the pool guys come to clean the tile because we have white calcium buildup/haze. they used stuff called power blue scale off, while it removed the heavy stuff under the rock waterfall, I now have a white haze and more in the grout lines. I really don't want to use muratic acid, is there any thing else that works, or am I always going to have to live with this? It doesn't show when it gets wet, only when very sunny out and dry. It's driving me crazy, please help!!! thanks in advance, Michelle

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Recently I removed the efflorescence buildup (calcium deposits from concrete) off my waterfall wall, I noticed a white haze around my tile line as well, that was not there before.
Its just residual from the clean up.

Get in the pool with a green and yellow scotchbrite sponge and rub it off, came off quite easily.

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okay ill try that, thanks so much! michelle

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Hi all,
if you're having issues with keeping your tiles clean (after you've de-calcified them), you should get a good robotic pool cleaner that will actually do the scrubbing for you.
I've had Polaris before and it really didn't do much other than clean the walls and the bottom of the pool, but recently I switched over to a Dolphin Premier, and I haven't had to scrub my tile line manually since!
Check them out online at www.premierrobotic.com, or skip the text and just watch a short video about them here: http://www.premierrobotic.com/dolphin-cleaner-videos


Here is a link that might be useful: Dolphin Premier website

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how much is that bad boy cleaner? I have haze too and it drives me nuts!

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