Has anyone gone with actual plaster? love/hate it?

glitter_and_gunsApril 23, 2013

I recently closed on a house and am down to the last decisions about remodeling the backyard and pool. I have been to look at several pools and a couple of sample pools and at the end of the day, I really prefer the smoothness of actual plaster. I saw 2 pools yesterday that are grey plaster. One 2 weeks old (it was amazingly smooth) and one 8 years old (not as smooth but still really good!). Both were the grey plaster that I am favoring.

I still have kids at home and we tend to play rough but 2 in the family have pretty sensitive Irish skin. I just can't find anything else that seems to hold the smoother finish that we really need. Lots of the pool builders have really pushed the pebble finishes, but for us I just think it is not such a good choice right now. Next time I redo the pool it should be more of a margarita pool and we could probably go with something a bit rougher.

So I am her to ask if anyone has gone with a plaster pool and regretted the decision. Bonus points for love or hate of your grey plaster.

Editing to add: Thank you very much for your thoughts! (where are my manners?!?!)

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I went with white plaster and after 7+ years, no regrets. I like the color and the feel. The key to keeping the surface smooth for a long time is to maintain the chemistry properly. Allowing the CSI to get too high (scaling) or low (pitting) will cause problems for any plaster surface.

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I went with white plaster and it stresses me out... seems like EVERYTHING stains it... and it continues to be "blochy". I am fine, I am going to keep the plaster for several more years and then I think i am going to pebble tec it.... MAS985 is right, water chemistry is the KEY!

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Fori is not pleased

We redid out midcentury pool with white plaster. To me, it's classic and what pools are supposed to look like. You get a nice blue look. Mine doesn't stain and it has been through dirt clods thrown in and unnoticed for days. It has an orange tree hanging over the steps dropping all sorts of stuff and the plaster stays white.

However, we had a small kid hopping around a lot learning to swim and she did get sore toes. She had to use swim shoes for a few months until she stopped hopping. I've never been in a smoother pool though so I think she was just being goofy--the other kid is at that stage now and isn't hopping.

Anyway, if you have learners, check their feet after the first swim (whatever surface you get) and if they're wearing through their skin, put them in swim shoes for a few months. Cheap and comfy and it's just a phase.

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