Need to find fittings for sprinkler and faucet

EricEngelmannDecember 26, 2012

Was digging rocks out of my vegetable garden and punctured a PVC pipe from our sprinkler system, which was set 8" below grade (probably to avoid dealing with the rocks). So, I'm thinking, make lemonade and add a spigot inside my garden fence while doing the repair and moving the pipe 10" deeper.

Can anyone suggest parts for this project? Am I doing anything stupid, or sub-optimal? I've wanted to try my hand at a bit of plumbing, but the wife has had (perfectly reasonable) visions of the house flooding. This seems like my perfect do-it-yourself chance.

I'm especially puzzled trying to identify the right T fitting.

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Install a PVC tee.

Let's suppose you have 3/4" PVC and you have 3/4" galvanized iron pipe.

On the 'run' of the tee (that connects to the metal pipe (galvanized iron pipe) you need an adapter 3/4" FPT (FPT = female iron pipe) to 3/4" PVC. You cut a short length of PVC (say 6") and glue it into the Tee and glue the FPT adapter to the other end.

Wrap the galvanized pipe threads with teflon tape, and use a little pipe dope.

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Thanks! I'll measure the PVC and get a piece of galvanized steel pipe of the same diameter. I assume diameters in plumbing are inside diameters, right?

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With copper tubing it's ID (inside diameter). However PVC and iron pipe - it's best to go to the hardware store with a sample of the PVC you want to connect to. A short run of iron pipe (for a garden hose) could be 1/2" iron pipe. Take a look at the fittings and the size of the pipe.

Be sure to get galvanized pipe and fittings (like the elbow).

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