Craigslist water conditioner

kiki_thinkingDecember 21, 2012

We have very hard water, it affects my hair and skin and makes it difficult to get laundry clean. There is a white residue on my glassware and on the water tap on my fridge.

A new water filter is out of my budget right now, but my husband noticed one on craigslst this week, and offered to pick it up and install it as part of my Christmas gift.

Culligan mark 89 automatic water conditioner model 3526-82 3526-83
in very good shape and works like new. still hooked up can see it work $300 obo

What should I check for, if we go to look at it?
What would be the most likely things to go wrong?
Thank you for any advice.

I'm not sure what our water problems are, but this house is in our neighborhood and has the same water company.

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Those are good water conditioners, but they are older units. Im guessing 15-20 years old and need to have the resin replaced. If I recall they are timer units, So they will use more salt. I would personally get a fleck metered unit. I wouldn't give more than $100 for the craigslist one. I found one on craigslist that was missing the electrical plug and bypass valve. I think I gave $75 for it and it was metered. I had another 50 to get the cord and bypass on ebay. That unit was only in service 3 years. The lady took it out of a house she sold and had it in her garage 2 years. I pulled up with my truck, some cash and she wanted it gone.

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Thank you for the advice!

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