Minimum landing size for outswinging patio door?

katdipApril 7, 2008

I am adding a small deck off my breakfast nook - basically a landing for a set of stairs down to my yard. I am planning for the landing to be about 4' x 4', but am wondering what the minimum landing size I need for an outswinging patio door (the breakfast nook is small, so I prefer outswinging to inswinging if possible). I am looking at a standard either 28" or 30" wide door, and it will be set in the corner of the landing(so it can open to just over 90 degrees), and perpendicular to the stair entrance. I can't find in our local code any minimum landing size so people don't get knocked down the stairs when the door swings out.

Any suggestions?

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I don't know where you live, but the minimum is usually 36" deep from the door to the first step. 4' x 4' would work just fine in my opinion. With the door open to any degree, you would have at least a 2' x 2' space to stand on - much more than my applicable code requires.

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Code is discussed in this the link I posted below, and as juice stated 36" deep is the minimum depth, but the minimum width required is equal to the door width.
Your landing size sounds more than adequate.

Here is a link that might be useful: Exterior Door Landing

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