Converting deck to patio. Opinions?

SnailLoverApril 6, 2014

I bought a tri-level last summer. It has a deck across the entire back with three levels with steps. It was a nice deck at one time, but it's been neglected and is in need of repair and staining. I'm not really a deck person. They're hot in the summer, they attract hornets, and in the winter you have to keep the snow off. We got 3 ft of snow this winter - it was a nightmare. I ran out of places to shovel it, especially the lower level that has high lattice walls. It was a major pain!

I hate the lower level the most. The lattice walls look like a prison and they hide the nice landscape. There are benches against the back that you can't see because the spruce tree is growing over them. They're just a hornet motel anyway. No one sits there in the summer--they'd get eaten alive by mosquitoes.

I'm mulling over the idea of tearing out just the lower level and making it into a nice patio with stone, shrubs, flowers, etc. It would lead out into the yard beyond, which I'm also gradually landscaping. The upper deck would have steps leading down to it. I think it would compliment the landscape so much better. The spruce trees won't be encumbered anymore. I want to showcase them, not hide them.

I've attached a photo. What are your thoughts? Has anyone done something like this? Of course I'm on a budget so I'd have to consider the cost.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

I see no problem with what you wish to do. Our home is on a large hill. You drive into the lower driveway, and step up to our pressure treated wood pool deck. Below the deck is lattice, but the only thing it blocks is critters from hiding underneath it.

You then step up to the next level which is a large concrete patio, even with the bottom floor level of our split level home.

Around the corner, you step up again to a wooden deck which has an entrance to the next level of our home, and additional steps up to a deck over the lower driveway. It does have lattice, which I like because it blocks all the junk under that deck.

All of our decks have wrought iron railings, and I see yours are wood. I think concrete at the lower level would make you happy and would look nice.

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If you are on a budget why not just take down the fencing and see if that is sufficient?

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desertdance - Your house sounds like a pretty setting and that the mix of patio and deck works well together. I would definitely keep the lattice along the ground for keeping critters out. Some of it is missing in a few places. I could use the wall lattice to replace it and not have to buy more. Thanks for the inspiration!

scrappy25 - that's a really good idea. I could just take down the lattice walls for now, use the lattice to replace the missing gaps, and see how it looks. I could work in phases and tear out the railing and flooring later. That would give me a better visual of what direction I want to go in, and also allow the trees room to stretch out.

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Here is one that I put in.

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If you don't use it due to the mosquitos then why bother putting a patio there? Why not just remove the whole lower level and put grass sod down on it? Keep the upper deck and adjust it's stairs and/or the grade of the soil at the lower level.

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