Deck footings failing

jay252April 3, 2013

My home in Southern Ontario sits on a hill with an approximate 25 degree slope. The concrete footings supporting my second level deck are slipping out. What are some posible long term solutions to properly support the deck? It is not posible to access the area with heavy equipment. The image below best illustrates the issue.

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Are those footings actually going several feet into the ground? Or are they the pre-cast deck blocks?

It looks like your hill is eroding, allowing the footing to move. You need to stop the erosion and then pour new footings. You can dig holes with a small 2-man augur, pour concrete into them with a pump truck parked in front.

But primary thing you've got to do is stop the ground from moving more. Get to the root cause or any fix will be only temporary.

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Don't you love it when the OPs just dump and run, never to return for their answers?

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