basement bathroom plumbing questions

kimbhootDecember 11, 2012


I've never done any plumbing before but generally very handy. I'm finishing my basement slowly and need to get on the plumbing.

In this video you'll see the layout and I would like to put a shower and not a tub. Need advise on the plumbing and how the lines and drains should be connected/moved. I plan to take a picture and of the existing layout and draw up what I think needs to be done and would like some guidelines on the proper way to do the plumbing.

would greatly appreciate any input on how I should get the rough in.


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Not that I am trying to be unhelpful... but....

You say you have never done plumbing before but you want written instructions on how to plumb an entire bathroom, and, you want that information from strangers who have only seen a 42 second video?

Seriously, the devil is in the details, and, the details for doing an entire bathroom from zero would be voluminous. If you want to do this yourself, get some books, read up some, educate yourself then come back and ask specific questions about individual aspects of the job, not the ENTIRE job.

Good luck!!

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I'd hate to break that concrete to reconfigure it. How about leaving it there and going with a linear drain?

On the other hand, you're supposed to have 2" drainpipe (not 1.5") for a shower. That especially comes into play if you're adding extra water volume, like jets, etc.

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The way that rough-in is set up you can install a watercloset, lav & tub/shower, but if you insist on a stand alone shower you are in for some major concrete work.

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Thanks for the responses.
Tjdabomb, Thanks for your advise. yes, I've been reading about plumbing and collected several books and have seen numerous videos.
At this point, what I'm trying to do is put a shower without raising the floor. so do I have a choice but to bust the concrete open and move the drain to the center?

The toilet stub center is 44.5" from the far wall and 12" from the back wall. If I put a 32" wide shower, that leaves 12.5" from the end of the shower to the center of the toilet. I think that's too tight. what's the recommended distance?

the current bathtub/shower drain(center) is 9" from the far wall and 3.5" from the back wall.

I've seen some commode that are 18" wide. so if I place a commode at the current spot, there will be only 3" gap between the toilet and the shower provided I put a 32" shower.

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A 32" shower won't pass code. Neither will your proposed toilet space. You need 36" for both. There's a LOT of jackhammering in your future. And the shower drain will have to be jackhammered all the way to the main drain to install a larger pipe.

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Actually, the WC only requires a 30" width,,15" to either side of the closet flange center.

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Under the UPC (Uniform Plumbing Code) the shower pan must have a rough pan that is 34" x 34"

Under the IRC (International Residential Code) the shower pan must have a rough pan that is 32" x 32"

The shower must have a minimum 30" finished interior clearance rising vertical to a point 72" above the finished drain.

The floor must pitch at a minimum 1/4" per foot and a maximum 1/2" per foot to the drain opening.

The door must be a minimum of 22" wide and open outwards

The top of the threshold must be a minimum of 4" above the elevation of the finished drain, but not more than 9" above the drain opening.

The drain is generally put in the center of the shower, but technically it may be put anywhere within the shower enclosure. I have seen many showers where the drain was put just inside the head wall because the distance from the center to the vent opening exceeded the maximum length of the fixture arm.

A tub/shower may have an 1-1/2" drain, but a shower must have a 2" drain line.

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Under the IRC a tub/shower may have an 1-1/2" drain line..

Under the UPC a tub/shower also requires a 2" drain line.

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wow! that's a lot of information. my drain pipe is 2" for the shower. So based on these information, maybe I can have a shower built and sloped toward where the drain currently is. that would minimize all the jack hammering. but I would still need to move the toilet. so you said 36" from a shower or tub? is it the center of the toilet?

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15" from center to either side

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