best stone sealer?

meldermanApril 27, 2011

I have flagstone around saltwater pool. Just something I can get local at Lowe's. Thanks

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Rocksteel is the only product I use. Works like a champ. Water beads on the stone like rain on a waxed car.

Not sure where you are located, but Noble Tile is selling it here in Houston. Your PB should be able to buy it for you.

A pump up bug sprayer from Home Depot and a gallon or two of Rocksteel and your golden.

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Can anyone tell me if a sealer is recommended on a tumbled travertine paver deck? What will happen to the stones if it is not sealed. The pool is not saltwater system.

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With the pump sprayer, is there any problem with accidental overspray getting in the pool?

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The spray can get in the water.
It creates a little "oil slick" for a day or two, but wont hurt anything.
Just do a backwash on your filter after a few days.

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If you have a cartridge filter, I would worry about overspray.
If that sealer gets in the pleats, it will never come out and will clog.

I have a quad cartridge system and was advised to brush/roll my sealer on.

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