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lascatxApril 24, 2011

You asked about Wet Edge Satin on the Pretty Pictures thread. We just had our pool done in Wet Edge Luna Quartz and you might want to consider that finish if you are afraid the satin may be too busy. Our tile is the Noble Rainforest Series in lavender blue on the page before yours in the catalog. We used Pacific, which looks like it (or something very like it) is now being called Aruba. It is giving us a definite blue. If you want a lighter blue, you could try the Martinique. I think I would have liked that color if they had it when we chose a few weeks ago, but we also wanted something that didn't look as chalky as the white plaster we had.

I chuckled at the toothpaste comment -- hadn't thought of it that way, but will now for some time. LOL The flecks are not that apparent when they finish the pool -- they come out as the plaster cures. We are seeing them more each day, so I'm not sure where we will end up, but I think of it more like sand with color and just a touch of sparkle.

Anyway, the finish looks good and our water has been clear from the beginning -- very little dust. The attached link shows it in shadow -- the color is a bit brighter in the sun.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Thanks for the info. I don't have trouble picking out shoes so why is this dumb pool giving me so many issues?? Had trouble committing to a tile selection also. My pool refinisher actually hung 4-5 tiles of the two tiles we narrowed our choice down to, with velcro, over our existing tile. We lived with it for a few days. Funny thing is that our other choice was the Noble Rainforest series which you used---but Terra Blue. The Rainforest tile was actually the prettier one in pure sunlight. However, on shady days or in the mornings or early evenings the tile somehow lost its color in our pool. You could only see a very shiny tile with lots of movement. The triangle tiles, although not as bright in direct sunlight, remained visible and pretty at all hours of the day. So the triangle tiles we chose.

The pool refinisher said to relax and that once the tile is all up we might have an easier time choosing a pool finish. Tile work begins early this week. We did consider the Wetedge primera stone pacific blue color but my husband wants the little pebbles. The problem is that my pool refinisher has never used the Satin edge Kiwi Blue Blend that we are considering. When he uses satin edge he said at least 50% of is customers choose the Antigua color which produces the darker aqua pool. This is what my neighbors did a few weeks ago. So do not have a pool to go look at with the Kiwi color and afraid to choose without really seeing the water color which it produces. My neighbor's pool water color is growing on me. I now realize that you can easily see the bottom of their pool (it is a diving pool and deeper than mine) during the day. It is just darker at night. However, the darker water makes all the little pebbles less noticeable so it would not fight with my busier tile. Also, our pool deck is an ivory/beige color so the darker blue water would pop. I guess I am just used to seeing the light blue, inviting water which a white plaster pool produces. My neighbor's like their pool but said they are also still getting used to the darker water. Too many choices!!!

Has anybody seen a completed pool with the Wetedge satin Kiwi Blue Blend pebbles and the water color it produces???

Also, thanks for the photo of your pool. Came out pretty. Really like the Rainforest series tile!!!

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It looks like the water color expected with the Kiwi Blue Blend would be very similar to what I have, just with the smaller pebbles instead of the sandy look -- and maybe slightly lighter in color. You can easily see the bottom of our pool at any time, but our "deep" end is only 5 feet.

I'm still adjusting to my pool. It is so different. We used to have red brick pavers above the water line and faded teal green 3x3s around the water line and on the spa -- with a mismatched edge tile (and some missing when we bought the house -- unable to match it) on the spa wall. We wanted it more the same and I originally vetoed the Rainforest even though I love the color because I thought it would look too spotty on the wall. DH brought that home, so I never saw the Terra Blue but asked him about it. He didn't like it, so didn't matter.

I relinquished on the Rainforest when the other tile with the color we liked came only in 3x3. I figured color variation would look better than a grid with that many lines. It was supposed to be 6x6, but they came out with the random and we made the decision on the fly to go with it. I am still adjusting to new look.
It is hard to pick the finish. You can try on shoes and if you don't like them, take them off and try something else. With the pool plaster, you can hold up a sample, look at a photo or even go look at another pool, but with your tile, your deck, and your landscaping and light, once you fill it with water -- it could look different. And the folks who do pools are afraid to say much because they don't want you unhappy with them if you don't like it. I'm happy with what we have, but the truth is there are probably several I'd be happy with.

Good luck with your decisions and the work.

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Just had to say that Universal White Cement has great finishes. Most popular series is F.F. Sparkle Quartz.

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