Adding handrail to front stoop help?

molanicApril 26, 2013

I need to add a handrail to a concrete front stoop (only one step up), that is very sturdy and can help people get up on to the stoop. It is less than a one foot step up and no railing/handrail is required by code, but my parents with physical limitations really need something to help pull themselves up with a good grip and something to steady themselves when stepping down.

The front stoop is concrete and there is a concrete walkway below it that is not very wide. I do not want to attach anything to the concrete walkway as it is already too narrow and using concrete anchors would need to be a couple of inches from the edge making it even narrower.

I have seen handrails for single steps that are basically a singe post with a slanted top rail, but it seems like it would be significantly sturdier to have two posts holding up the handrail. I am wondering if it is possible to have one post attached to the concrete stoop with anchors and a lower post driven into the ground below alongside the concrete walkway.

Style is not as important as function. I have seen railings made out of galvanized pipe and also those made with 4x4 posts. I don't think the prefab ones would work in this situation and can't afford to have something custom made or installed. I'm just looking for any input on how to do this easily and safely. Thanks.

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what's your budget? No point talking about options till we know that

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I'm thinking that since it is so small maybe $150 or under for materials would be a good place to start. It only has to be on one side of the stoop as well.

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