Need volleyball set recommendation 11, 2011

Hi gang,

We're 99.9% done with our pool, YAY! On the recommendation of a pool builder we ended up not going with (although we were very impressed with him) we bought the S R Smith "Swim N' Spike" volleyball set online. It cost us about $385 but we want something that will last longer than 1 season. I was super excited when I opened it because the poles seemed VERY sturdy.

When I took one of the poles outside to put into the volleyball sleeves that the builder installed, the poles are too big for the sleeve by almost 1/2".

I'm pretty bummed because this set seemed very top of the line. Can someone make a recommendation for another high quality volleyball set? I haven't measured our volleyball sleeves...I thought those were all one standard size.

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This place has the best sets.

Or you can easily build one yourself. I spent about 25 bucks on mine and it works great. The first one was supposed to be my proto-type and I was going to build a nicer one later but this one worked fine and looks halfway decent so I never got around to building the real one.

I just used galvanized steel poles and slide PVC pipe over them, I then purchased a $15 outdoor net from Acadamy and cut it to size.

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One other thing you could do since you like the set you have; is just get a stick of galvanized pipe that fits into your deck, gut it down and slide the VB pole over it.

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Word of advise, Instead of using galvanized pipe go the extra mile and use stainless steele that matches the set you bought. Yes the galvanized works however over time the chemicals will attack it. I'm sure you can locate a local fabricator who can cut the piece for you at a min cost.And yes the anchors are normally the same 1.5 inches but, above all else enjoy your new pool!!!!!!!!

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We ordered our set from here too...

We have only used it a couple of times but it seems to be very sturdy. They are in The Colony so you can support a local business also!! ;-)

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