Experience with Epoxy Coating a Previously Plastered Pool?

hauteshotsApril 17, 2013

Has anyone had experience with epoxy coating a previously plastered pool?

My home is 13 years old now and this winter the first layer if plaster on the bottom started to chip off around the drains, self cleaning jets, and a few other random spots all on the floor. I prepared myself to have drain and repair the pool this spring and I got a few estimates for $2800 & $2600 both from providers I found on Angie's list and who each had 100's of 5 star ratings. They estimates were to chisel out the old plaster and pour new plaster. Both providers only guaranteed their work for 5 years although they claimed the plaster lasts 12-15 years. If i wanted to add silicone base to plaster I could get 2 more years of warranty from both of them but that was $500 more.

Looking for a less costly solution, I started looking at videos online of both residential and commercial pools being epoxy coated. The manufacturer claim you get 7-10 years which is more then the plaster is being guaranteed. Best of all, epoxy coating a 32x13 foot pool only required 4 gallons of epoxy paint and 3 gallons of primer. Total cost with 20% off coupon from Leslie's Pool was under $600.

The issue: After I drained my pool I realized that the previous owner had painted the plaster at least once and epoxy doesnt stick to paint. The paint needs to be removed. Also after washing the walls and floor with a 15 psi pressure washer I noticed quite a bit more plaster started to come up in thin sheets.

I saw online the best way to get the paint off and smooth down the first layer if plaster was to sand blast it. So I call the manufacture of the epoxy who also agreed sandblasting was the best way. So I called a pool renovation specialist for sand blasting (none of these listed in Angies list so I went to Craigslist) and the owner of the company said it would be too hard to blast off the paint to make it worth his while. And he said even if he got it off the epoxy would never stick to the blasted plaster.

I'm really confused at this point. I could go rent a sand blaster and take the paint off myself for about $100 and a a whole weekend of work. I could also go buy a 1850 psi pressure washer from sams for $150. If the 1500 psi slowly takes the paint and some of the plaster off, then a 1850 should go much quicker. One way of another I think I can get the paint off and much of the loose plaster.

However, the last contractor has me worried that the epoxy wont stick. The manufactures instructions are clear... Epoxy must go on the etched and primed surface of concrete or plaster. So if i get the paint off, smooth and sand the plaster that came up, then primed it and epoxy coated it...(along with all the other prep work needed), is there any reason the epoxy wont stick?

Has anyone had experience with epoxy coating a previously plastered pool?

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