Cabinet pulls for DW a mistake?

sweetearth23March 21, 2013

Am I the only one wondering about appliance vs. cabinet pulls? I have a sample of a 6" Amerock pull for the cabinets and it seems very sturdy, but I've been told I should use the 8" appliance pull, which is 10 x the price. Sounds like overkill, but on the other hand I don't want to have a problem opening the DW.
Anybody regret using a cabinet pull on a DW?

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I use cabinet pulls on paneled dishwasher all the time.
Now I pretty much only put in European DW's- don't know if the others are tougher to pull. IF it is tough to open OR using a softer wood like Alder then you can add a small metal plate behind the panel.
I've never had a problem, my own DW is cherry panel with top knobs pulls and been there for 9 yrs or so.

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I used a cabinet pull on my giant pull out pantry - not sure about DW.

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We used 12" handles on our DW, trash cab (with foot pedal opener), and the over-the-fridge cab door. They work well for us.

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A larger pull isn't going to magically make it easier to open a dishwasher :)

If your hand fits comfortably, a 6" pull is no different than an 8" pull. Only other difference might be the circumference of the grip - a larger grip will be more comfortable than a thin one.

But that being said, it takes next to no effort to open a dishwasher. So get the pull that looks right.

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I have a typical-sized cabinet pull on my DW. I considered a longer one, but had the same hesitation about price (I'm on a low budget here), and then the pulls I chose didn't come wider anyway. We've had them on for a few months, no problem at all.

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I have a 6" cabinet pull and it is fine. I would not go with a knob. Had that on the old one and it was too much weight for one screw.

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My d/w has an 8" cabinet pull from RH. I've had no problems given the fact that it's technically not an "appliance pull"...not sure if that helps.

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That's great news, and thanks to all of you. The 6" handle is comfortable, looks fine on the DW, and would match the rest of the cabinets. I just thought that maybe because the appliance pull is so crazy expensive it's also 10 x better, or maybe runs the DW by itself by a hidden sensor ;)
As long as I don't have to worry about it pulling out of the cabinet I'm happy to save the money.

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