Craigslist parsons chairs - reupholstering?

hockeymom4April 17, 2009

I am looking for a dining set on craigslist. Since our living/dining room has wood floors and a wood ceiling, I am looking for a set with upholstered chairs. I found a set I like but the chairs are upholstered in a color that won't work for me. How difficult would it be to reupholster these chairs. I do sew and have done a lot of curtains, valances, and pillows but never upholstering.

Any suggestions for books or videos on how to reupholster? How much fabric would you guess to cover each chair?

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I am sure that others will chime in here. These are easy to make slipcovers for as well as to reupholster. Check your library for books; our small town library has several. I bought four of these (armless) chairs off of CL last year and made three sets of slipcovers, one for x-mas, one for spring and one for winter. They fit very snuggly and were great fun to make. Give it a try, you will love learning a new skill. Since doing mine, I have reupholstered two wing chairs and a settee. It is so much fun!

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Reupholstering the armless ones would be quite simple. The arms make it a bit trickier because of corners and angles, but if you remove the original fabric carefully, you can use it as a template (not an exact pattern as in sewing, because you always want to leave extra fabric for pulling and stapling, and you don't want to make the cuts until the fabric is on the chair). Take lots of pictures of the details as you remove the fabric, making note of the order pieces were on the chair, and you'll be fine. I prefer upholstering to slip covers because you can hide a multitude of sins with a well placed staple!

The yardage will depend on your pattern scale and repeat, just as in sewing. I would say about 2 yards for the armless and maybe 3 for the one with arms. Cording and other details might take more, but if you're doing several chairs you get economy of scale and can often use leftovers. For a first project, a small to medium all-over pattern is easiest, stripes and plaid the most difficult, just as in sewing.

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Thanks so much for the responses. I guess I just need a little encouragement since I have never tackled this before. I have always stayed away from upholstery.

Diane it is good to hear that slipcovers led you to reupholstering several pieces. I hope that I will find it something I like also. Equest, thanks for the yardage estimates.

I will check our library for books but if anyone still has a specific recommendation, I would appreciate it.

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I love those chairs and I too don't know how to make slipcovers. It's a good look and especially good looking in a room that has so much wood. I think you made a good choice. Now to learn how to make those slipcovers, huh?

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modern life interiors

the chairs are nice. good luck with your decision.

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