Self installing a gas dryer

katranaDecember 14, 2012

Hi all,

I self-installed a gas dryer, which I've never done before. All of the joints passed the leak test (soapy water) and everything works but I started to wonder if it's possible to leak after the initial installation.

I used RectorSeal on all threads, including flared ends, possibly too generously. I tightened as much as I dared but now I'm not sure if I was too worried about breaking the fittings and not enough about preventing leaks.

I'm not able to retest for leaks after pushing it into place nor have I tried to run a load. Should I be concerned enough to pull the dryer out and retighten?


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"I used RectorSeal on all threads, including flared ends,"

Flare fittings do not require thread sealant.

The male and female flares provide the seal, not the threads.
They are normally machine threads not tapered pipe threads.

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