Ipe price rise

brooklyndecksApril 5, 2011

After 3 years of stable prices, my price for Ipe has finally gone up. I've been expecting it, as the dollar has been getting weaker.

My old price for 1x6 was $2.88 per linear foot. new price $3.82. I have some bids out, and I may have to adjust prices on them. What is your price per LF?


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That seems high for 1x6. Bottom line is that all prices for any specie in S America, esp Brazil, Bolivia, Peru have risen and will continue to. Various reasons but all contribute to the increase
George@ Eastteak

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It is interesting to note the cost of most domestic building materials has decreased over the last couple of years, at least around here. The rise in Ipe has to be a combination of the weakening dollar and the rapid economic growth in Brazil. It certainly isn't because of increased demand or consumption in the US market.

According to my supplier, the Ipe prices went up March 2. The new price is $3.50 for 4/4x6 for a unit, or $3.75 for a small order.

Good heads up, Steve. It's important to be on top of the materials costs when scoping jobs. It looks like I'll be pitching Cumaru or Garapa instead of Ipe, (if anybody even asks.)

The last few deck jobs I looked at, I started talking about prices for a new deck, and the next thing I am explaining to the customer that if they only want the deck repaired to last another year or two, just leave it alone, maybe don't have too many guests out there...save up your money for when you can afford to do it right.

Oh, well. Good thing I have foreclosures to fix. And businesses with tennant turnover. And plenty of facilities that have to last a few more years befor they can afford to build new.

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I talked to the guy locally - and he said that his new cost will be close to what he is selling his current warehouse full for. He will be raising his price as soon as the first new shipment arrives. Which sounded better than raising it before (like a gas station)

he said that the cost went up for him, citing mainly the dwindling value of the dollar.

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With me the cost is a little high but the Trucking has gone way over the limit. John

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