Limestone Porch Floor?

slahgirlApril 26, 2007

New Home Build with a full length front and rear porch. We have lots of native limestone around here, and wanted to go with something native, or natural. Our porch will be only 2 steps from the ground, so wood is out. Don't like concrete. Has anyone seen or done a natural stone mix on a front porch? Brick is another option...........Thanks!

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Kelli Tucker Campbell

I'm going to bump this question. We're building a house, and I'm trying to figure out what to use for floor of the front porch. We can use aggregate, but I'm afraid that will be sort of crunchy when you're rocking in a rocking chair. Not sure what to do with concrete. I'd like to see pics of those who've used stone.

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Bump again! I am also curious about this. I like the look of flag stone on porches but don't know how affordable that will be. I'm not a big fan but a lot of people around here are using stamped concrete. It comes in many colors and patterns. I think it tends to look too artificial or man-made but that's just my opinion.

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We used PA Bluestone in irregular shapes for our porch floor so I can speak with experience here. I went to a stone supplier in Central NJ (Stone Center of Bridgewater...wonderful place by the way). I picked out my bluestone (irregular PA Bluestone). I needed approximately 350 sq. feet. This turned out to be approximately 5300 lbs. The cost per lb. was 0.13/lb for the 3/4"-1 1/2" thickness. There is a larger thickness as well, but it would have been too thick for my porch depth. I also added some lilac blue stone to the mix, at 0.18/lb. for some color variation.
What I can say is that installation is VERY labor intenstive. These pieces of bluestone are large, heavy, and leveling and filling with mortar seems to take a LONG time.

We bordered it with limestone around the perimeter to match our limestone treads on our steps. Pricing was approximately It was quite reasonable here in Central NJ.

We considered stamped concrete for this and for our back patio. I do not like it. It looks artificial to me and very plasticy (if that's a word).

Here's a picture of it and the front of the house.

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Bumping this to see if anyone has recently used bluestone or other stone for their front porch. Not sure we like composite and don't want the maintenance of wood because this will be our retirement home. Please share pix and cost if you don't mind, or percentage of cost of stone v. composite or wood. Many thanks.

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