Ipe vs. Tigerwood

vettespeedApril 20, 2013

My deck is framed and almost ready for decking. Deciding between Ipe and Tigerwood in 1 x 6. What are the differences that would matter, mainly lifespan. I can't get a straight answer from the supplier as they both simply have a 25 year warranty. I will most likely be letting it weather naturally and Tigerwood is described as weathering to a reddish color as opposed to Ipe's silver, can anybody confirm this? Although they are both long lasting products does one outlast the other?
Thanks, Mike.

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Pretty much any Hardwood is going to last you a good 20-30 years if not more. Ipe has been proven over and over a again though to last.. What you want to look for is hardness and density ratings, this is where Ipe excels. The hardness, or should I say the density (they fall hand in hand) is what helps prevent moisture from getting in which causes the wood to soften / rot.

I've never heard of Tiger Wood turning reddish, although I don't have much experience with the species. My guess is it isn't true and that it greys just like every other wood out there.

If you were hoping the wood would turn a reddish color might I suggest Massaranduba which is naturally reddish / brown but will also grey over time.. It's also a very dense strong wood that most retailers like East Teak and efloor.com offer.

Hope I helped

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We went with Tigerwood for our decking, it was finished in November. I was not able to treat it yet due to winter. It is a beautiful deep red/brown when we, but as soon as it dries now it is a pale tan. I believe it will silver with time, but I plan to finish it shortly. In our location the cost of Ipe was significantly higher than Tigerwood.

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