Covered and screened-in porch

help_me_rhondaApril 26, 2009

Hello, All

I am new to this forum, and I was hoping someone could suggest how to go about building, or hiring a contractor to build a screened-in porch in Greenville, SC. We are moving there next month from Ohio. There is a pre-existing cement patio, and we are thinking of adding brick pavers for all-weather flooring, and a roof and screen walls.

I would love a metal roof, but realize that will be on the costly side. Also, sliding glass walls/doors would be nice to prolong the season out on our porch.

The house is L-shaped, so we will only need to add two walls for our porch.

Any and all suggestions will be appreciated!

Warm regards,

Rhonda (help-me-Rhonda)

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What comes to mind is how will the porch be roofed to fit in with the current roof line? This might not be a simple add two walls. Of course, we live in NH where snow and ice need to be considered when adding on to an existing structure.
From experience, trying to do construction so soon after moving is going to be extra stressful. My husband and son are in the residential construction business. Our son just started working on his own after a few years experience with a small company (and several more under Dad's tutelage). His jobs are coming in by referrals, just like most of Dad's used to come in. Friends see the work, know all the details and stories and hire the same contractor. He is just finishing up a deck and neighbors have hired him to do work at their house after seeing his work and getting references from his current customers who hired him after he did work for one of their relatives. One simple thing he did that impressed them was keeping screws lined up. It looks neater and was one of the things the customer showed off to their friends who had complained that the guys who built their deck weren't that careful and neat. Spend some time getting to know your new neighbors. Ask if they have contractors they can recommend. You could also drive around looking for construction signs. Call the contractors and ask to see some of their work. It's very important that you have a good working relationship with a contractor. You want someone who does good work, is reliable and trustworthy. Good luck on your project.

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