Show me your painted Colourtone Conestoga cabinets, Please...

lexmomof3March 27, 2013

I swear I thought I posted requesting assistance with deciding between the white colourtone colors but I can't find it. Anyway, I'm try to decide what samples of the colourtone colors to order from Conestoga. They are $10 each so I want to order just the colors that I think I might use. I definitely need to pick a white and I'm leaning towards frosty white or crystal white (to go with alabama white marble maybe). I would love to do some of the other colors too in my children's bathrooms but not sure sage or slate blue are quite right. I'm trying to stick with their standard colors rather than the upcharge for a prism paint color. So, if you have any of their colourtone colors, please show them to me!

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We have Crystal White cabinets with Torquay quartz. In hindsight, I think I would have been happier with a whiter door (with the Torquay, which has grey in it), this has more of a cream color to it. Our door style is CRP-10875. Definitely order a sample door or two so you can get a feel for the color.

Good luck!

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Thanks oldbat2b. I'm thinking of going with Alabama White marble. I still have to take my sample door with me to look at the whole slab but the 8"x8" sample of Alabama white I have has some warm tone creamy veins in it so I actually think it looks better with crystal white than frosty white. Of course, that could change when I see the whole slab. I wish there was a color between the two. Were you able to match crystal white to a SW or other BM standard color? What color did you pick for the trim in your house?

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We used the cabinet color for the trim work. Just take a drawer to your local paint store and ask them to color match it. I still think wistfully of marble, good luck!

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