PebbleTec isn't guaranteeing the shells in the sheen anymore?!

banana_fannaApril 3, 2011

Is this new? I'm almost certain this disclaimer wasn't there 6 months ago.

Anybody know what the problem is? I guess it makes sense as we don't know how a mollusk will degrade but I wonder if it becomes: A) unsightly and/or B) a problem structurally with the finish.

"Disclaimer: Some colors contain seashells, such as abalone and mother of pearl. The shells are made up of material from seawater and from a living mollusk. Due to the nature of shell materials and variables of water chemistry, Pebble Technology, Inc., cannot guarantee the shell materials against long-term degradation or changes in color or brilliance. See warranty form for all limitations."

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I think that that has been there for a long time.


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It was there first part of 2006 when we built a pool

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Thank you. It's not a surprise I missed the disclaimer in the past - I'm terrible at reading the fine print. I like that they've recently added the shell 'asterisks' over the pics of the colors that contain the shells so that we're directed to the disclaimer at the bottom.

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I would be very careful about using pebbletec. We have had an absolute nightmare. We put in Ocean blue last fall and within 2 months had dark spots that looked like rust show up in the finish. Prior to that I had several problems with the installation. The boxes that were placed on the lawn killed several square feet of grass, they spilled blue concrete on my travertine and didn't clean it and also spilled a fair amount in the front yard. When the spots appeared we were informed in was a national problem involving the black stones and a chemical treatment would take care of it. THey did this and sure enough it took the spots away within minutes. The spots came back a few months later and they proposed yet another harsher treatment. At this point I was losing my patience and demanded that they replace the finish. After several weeks they agreed. When they came to prep the pool I found out that actually all they would be doing is chipping out a few inches below the tile and then rebond coating and then just putting another layer over the top. They chipped several tiles (49) which they marked for replacement. Then the fun started. The tile store had no more tile in the country and told us it would be a month and no quarantee it would match exactly. So the installer told us they would remove all the tile and WE could pay for new tile. Not sure why I would have to pay for it, but we eventually agreed to pay for the tile and labor for the spa and they would do the pool. Meanwhile I called the national pebbletec number and I've got to tell you that I've never ever ever in my life had someone be so sarcastic and rude to me on the phone. Practically called me a liar and accused me of exaggerating the problem. I just sat there with my mouth open on the phone barely able to believe my ears. I mean I spent several thousand on the pool surface and it had rust spots and I've been dealing with this pool for months and she's yelling at me and accusing me of exaggerating??!! So our pool still sits empty waiting for the tile and respraying. But there's something else.

We chose this surface over others because of all their marketing about the extensive training and spot checks of their installers. That they buff the pebble sheen and no one else does that. They also state that you have to brush the sides every day and pay CLOSE attention to the chemical balance for the first several weeks. However when I called national I asked about the buffing because they did not do that the first time and I was told that was only for pebble tec because it was rougher. When I told them that my neighbors had pebble tec installed just a few weeks ago and no one buffed that they said it just wasn't necessary anymore. Then I asked who would be coming by to brush the pool they again said it really wasn't that important. They did say that they would take care of the chemicals, but I'm not holding my breath.

So you can see its probably better to go with another product. I wish I had listened to my contractor who recommended another (cheaper) product. I would be swimming today.
David Thompson

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What part of the country are you located in?

What was in the boxes that killed the grass? How long were the boxes there?

I am surprised about the staining of the travertine. That is unusual for any team not to exercise the kind of care needed to prevent this.

Pool chemistry is not hard but is required. New finishes need to be checked every couple days. As it ages, you can relax the testing and balancing frequency to once a week. I discourage the use of test strips as I have found their accuracy to often be suspect. Whether chemistry caused the dark spots is moot at this point. I would have hit them with muriatic again. I sincerely doubt they would return a third time. I have not heard of that happening ever on any forum I frequent or from any of my customers.

Where was the PB?

While I am sure you have some valid points, you have come across as an impatient alarmist. Your insistences could be putting people on the defensive. For example, not allowing the 2nd treatment and insisting on being refinished. You'd be swimming now if you permitted it.

PT & the finisher made a decision that the best course to maintain their reputation was to give in to you. Based on that, I would agree that the PT installer should foot the entire cost for the re-tile too. They chipped the tiles.


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"I would be very careful about using pebbletec"

I dont believe any of this is a Pebble Tec problem, it sound like installer issues. They are not one and the same.

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With regard to not guaranteeing the shells in the sheen, my pool refinisher told me he would not spend the extra money to put the sparkling shells in the pool finish. He would put the money ($200 to $250 extra) elsewhere!! He said that the sparkly shells in the pebbletec or wetedge finishes are abalone---which is a living organism. He said that the pool chemicals, etc. kill it and, although initially beautiful, the pool will lose all the sparkle within a year to a year and a half. This is why the companies do not guarantee the shells. Whenever he finishes a pool with abalone in the finish he said the customer always calls about a year later complaining that the sparkle is gone. This is why he always tells everyone upfront about this. It is the customer's decision whether they want to invest more money in sparkle for about 1 to 2 years. We have chosen to not add the shells to the mixture (although very beautiful and we definitely like it) and put the money towards something else which will last.

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I just thought I would speak up about my experience. We paid extra to have the "Shimmering Sea" added to our pool for sparkle. We are on our 5th swim season and it looks just as sparkly as the first. I have really enjoyed it. It makes the pool look magical. I hope everyone that gets it has a positive experience with it too.

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Has everyone else's sparkle lasted??? I would pay the extra $200 to $240ish to put the abalone in our Wetedge Satin finish except that the replaster company said the abalone dies and the sparkle will disappear in about 1 to 2 years??? If it has lasted for others, then I would spend the extra money??? Tile starts on Monday so still have a little time to decide whether to add the shells. What has your experience been???

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PB added the shells at no charge...still sparkling after 2 years.

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Going on 2 years, sparkley as new. We love them! Don't regret adding at all.

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With reguard to your plaster guy, that is bull.

The shells are abalone, and are not still living. They are just shells, kind of like you find on beaches. Pebble Technology cant regulate the quality of a shell. Some are softer, some harder. Because of this they wont warranty that part of the system.

I have seen very old pools with shells added and they are still there.

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Thanks for the info. everyone!! I still have a few days to decide whether to add the shells. I wonder why the pool guy was trying to dissuade me from using them if I was willing to pay the extra $200-$250ish??? I guess I am now leaning toward adding the abalone to the mix. Has anyone had a negative experience having the sparkle disappear over time??? Thanks.

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