Need help deciding pool plaster/stonescape color

hbflowerApril 22, 2013

My husband and I are remodeling our pool and ate completely torn with the color. We had Tahoe blue at our old house and were happy with that color choice. We wanted to maybe try something different this time and had a few colors in mind.

First , we were thinking about doing Tahoe blue again. It's a safe color because we know what it looks like.

Tropics blue. We worry it may be too light and look like an every day pool. It's a very pretty color but not sure if it'll be darn enough.

Midnight blue with abalone. This is a risky, exotic color. Midnight blue looks awesome in the sun, but once I the shade, we worry it'll look somewhat like a lagoon or too dark. Also, we worry once the water is calm with no kne in it, that it may look a tad blotchy.

If anyone can send pics of their pool if any of these color were done, that's be great! Any input is appreciated!!

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