Uses for a variable speed pump

txx3ddq442April 12, 2012

I'm expecting a bid from my pool builder in the very near future. I've asked him to include a variable speed pump (VS-FHP2.0).

It is my assumption that to minimize installation cost and monthly electrical usage, the pump should be used to filter the pool, supply the spa jets and deck jets. I've seen discussions where a variable speed pump may or may not be a viable replacement for a Polaris booster pump (any thoughts on this?)

The Jandy controller [PDA-PS8] would actuate valves and send the correct speed to the VS pump for each "mode" (i.e. pool, pool+deck jets, spa, spa+deck jets, pool+cleaner, etc.)

Are my assumptions correct? In other words, if he comes back with additional pumps for the water features and spa, should I call "BS" on him?

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Most Polaris sweeps should use the 3/4 HP booster that is fed by the pool's circulation system.

I would use all one manufacturer's gear if this is a new install. If the PS-8 is existing, check to see if the U/G for the firmware is worthwhile to you.

If there is a spa, having a separate pump for the water features is a good idea. It lets you use both at the same time. Otherwise, the water feature will be drawing water from the spa till it's empty.

Some PBs like having a an extra pump in the spa that turns on when in spa mode or if there are more than 8 jets. These systems often have a separate pool return in the spa that shuts off in spa mode too.


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