Does the front walk have to be same width as porch?

Aggiemama1April 4, 2013

Our front porch is 7 feet wide. We have a circular drive but it is not centered on the house. The front walk will come off of the 14 foot wide circular drive in an "s" curve to the front porch. There is a brick column on the far right of the front porch. Side entry garage on right.

The concrete men & the contractor are suggesting making the front walk 7 feet wide the whole walkway but it is not what we were envisioning. It looks so wide when they sprayed it out. They are saying it will not look right to make it narrower.

Should it be the whole width of the porch? Would 4 feet wide be okay? Or 5? One concern is that if we don't go to whole width we will have an area of 1.5 feet wide & 2 feet long that would be dirt (between the house and where the front walk starts if we don't do it the whole width but I would just put rocks there probably).

What about tapering the walk?



I would attach pics but my computer is not working correctly now.

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It's difficult to say without a pic. I have a walkway coming off a wide, long area that leads to a circular driveway but the entry is wide enough that it leave 3'+ wide beds on each side for planting.

Leaving such a small space of 1.5x2' won't be usable for anything except rock...and they'll just be debris collectors.
If you have brick on your home, consider having the edges of the walkway that leads to the house done in brick, and maybe even the seams. Will there be any columns holding exterior lighting along this walk?

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Depends on your house, on your lot, and what the overall scale needs to be. For a standard sized home, though, I would think a 7' wide walk is bigger than you need. Your situation is pretty common. I generally go with my preferred 5' wide walk (allows two people to walk side by side) and design some sort of a landing at the base of the steps.

Most installers are technicians, not designers. If you really want to be confident you're getting the best solution, hire a designer and then hand the plan to the installers.

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