Getting paranoid:Why don't mag kitchens have interesting granite?

akcorcoranMarch 14, 2013

I've picked what I think is a gorgeous piece of Typhoon Green Bordeaux for my kitchen, with a fabulous piece for my island. It's got vibrant colors and beautiful movement, then complimented (I think) by my all cream cabinets and island with a bronze glaze (Fieldcrest) and then a taupe backsplash with a green glass border.

But I see NO kitchens in magazines with any interest in the granite or marble? It's all white/light stone or dark. Is that just because it photographs better or just not advisable?

I am willing to step out there and have my stone make a statement and my cabinets are neutral, but I don't actually think typhoon Bordeaux is that out there.

Getting paranoid? Thoughts?

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Here it is with the backsplash tile and green patterned Tantrum glass border.

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And three other tantrum glass colors for the backsplash feature by the stovetop only.

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I think the current aesthetic is for cleaner lines and colors with simpler patterns. I know that appeals to me more in crazier times of my life. I think I read somewhere that with the economy in the toilet, design in general shifted to quieter, more subtle theory.

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That granite is gorgeous - who cares what magazines think. They tend to always push new trends to encourage people to remodel and spend more money!

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I think it's beautiful, and that cabinet door is gorgeous too.

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simple explanation: "They tend to always push new trends to encourage people to remodel and spend more money!"
I agree with weissman.

Look up sixtyohno's beautiful rainforest green(serpentine?) counters, just beautiful.
Your counters will look gorgeous and I like the glass accent tiles.

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I think it depends what kind of magazines you look at, too. Fine Homebuilding "Houses" and "Kitchens" editions usually have houses that are outside the editorial norm of many magazines, for example. Also some of the Trends magazines seem to have more variety. Regional magazines for the Pacific Northwest also seem to have more "organic" looking kitchens.

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Personally, I love dramatic stones with lots of movement for counters. The slab you picked looks gorgeous. You are pairing it with quiet, neutral cabinets that will let the stone be the star. I say go for it. (I got so tired of looking at hundreds of "neutral" kitchens with boring granite when we were house shopping.)

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I selected a gorgeous dark green granite with some small dark berry highlights for our last house. Very fluid pattern. Loved it while we were there. Your granite is beautiful! Don't second guess your choices!!

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I love your choices. The other finishes are lovely with that gorgeous stone. I take it you're not doing this to try to flip the house, right? So you should get what you love.

If it were me, I wouldn't get tired of that granite because I'd find something new and pretty in it every time I looked.

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Oh, thank you to all of you.

I really stopped in my tracks when I saw that piece of granite and the taped area is my island (the square is the prep sink.) I thought it has coloring that are all trad'l colors, but swirled together in that moving vein.

The kitchen is off of a long room so next to the island is a wood table & chandelier, then a hearth room with a seating group of a couch (thinking bordeaux colored) and chairs and a fireplace. So, I wanted the kitchen to hold its own.

I also have two kids 10 and under so it looked like it would hide all sins over our lifetime. :-)

After this reno, my hubby says we're here for life or at least 25 years, so... yep, it's for me and my family! If someone wants the house later, the cabinets are neutral but at least they'll be something noticeable in the kitchen!

Now, I'm just debating the lighting... too many decisions!

(Sorry, I didn't realize the photos posted sideways b/c I was on my phone! Here's another view with the backsplash. The bottom row of 4x4s is straight, then the border on top of that and then the rest of the 4x4s to the top of the cabinet will be on the diagonal. Just didn't have a way to hold them like that! :-)

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I think it is gorgeous! And if you are staying for 25 years, then you should certainly go with what appeals to you. While I appreciate the both the ultra modern streamlined kitchens with solid quartz counters and slab doors and the white cabinets/white marble/white subway tiles look, it wasn't what would have worked for me or my house. Your choices will certainly blend well with your 2 children.

By the way, LOVE that tantrum tile. I almost got that for my backsplash and it is just so pretty in person!

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Beautiful combinations! Your granite looks wonderful, both in the back-away shots and in the closeups. It will be interesting to look at from anywhere in your kitchen. I'd go for it!

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Maybe the magazines don't want you to focus one one item, that some people might hate, and not look at anything else in the picture. People might not see what in the kitchen works for them, they are too busy looking at the granite?

I LOVE your choice. My choice is even zanier. But if you look at the same granite in THIS place (linked), you can barely see it!

It's good to have something stand out - hope you love it!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I have had typhoon bordeaux for 3 years now and still love it. It's great hiding everything since we don't always clean up after partes. In fact, if I want it really clean I have to run my hand over the granite because it does a great job hiding almost everything :) Your slab looks gorgeous! Get what you love and your heart will sing every time you walk into the kitchen.

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I think your slab is gorgeous! I was totally in love with a bunch of the bordeaux granites while looking -- just couldn't find exactly the right one. Don't worry about what the magazines are showing. Your kitchen is going to be beautiful and one-of-a-kind with that magnificent stone! Love the backsplash you've picked too. All my favorite colors!

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I love ALL of you! Thank you! Bostonpam describes it best - after looking at granites for a full year (yep, a long remodel!) I couldn't find anything I love, love, loved. The day I saw this I was gleeful - and my heart has been singing ever since and I can't WAIT to get it in my kitchen! I just was looking at those mags - and houzz, even - and so many are white, neutral, white that I started to freak out.

I am struggling with lighting for over the island though - the island is small (51" wide with granite by 64" long) and perpendicular to the room (vs horizontal like most) so I was thinking round but can't decide between:

(All of these sort of pick up the backsplash tile in some way... Sorry they don't link live, you'll have to copy and paste if interested. )

- Open weave metal (I get nervous that the granite is so busy but keep forgetting that the granite is flat - and I have cream cabinets)

- Shaded with some interest (not sure I can afford this - one large or two smaller pendants)

- Combo weave and shade (too matchy matchy though?)
Pendants here -
One large round here -

Or industrial? I can't seem to get my heart into industrial... but a copper would look really nice with it? And I know everyone is way into that look?

Any votes are welcome - and thank you again for your encouragement of my choice. It really means a lot. I'll post photos when it's all finished!

Here is a link that might be useful: Open basket weave

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drbeanie2000 - I love your stone!!!

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Forgot to add that - ditto to drbeanie2000 - I've never seen anything like that stone. What is it called? Gorgeous!

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Oh, on pendants - forgot to add that if I had all the $ I could dream of, I love the Fitzjames line from Currey & Co:


Ceiling Mount Pendant (but on a chain)

And, just to show you my insanity, here's the industrial pendants I was looking at if I went that route - in antique copper:

or - all the $ in the world -

Sigh, decisions... Thanks for helping me stick with my granite. That's the most important! :-)

Here is a link that might be useful: Fitzjames pendant

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I really like that the tall Troy Lighting Sausalito pendant has the same "petal" in the metal work as your liner has on the embossed flower pattern.

I am worried that the accordion folds of the "GROSVENOR LARGE SINGLE PENDANT" will make it to hard to clean for a kitchen light.

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Definitely go for it! That granite is beautiful and the little square glass accent tiles are absolutely outstanding with it. We went with a bold granite and are thankful every day that it one out over the more conservative runner-up.

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The granite you love is very beautiful. You love it, and that is really what matters. If it makes your heart sing, then go for it!

I think magazine editors are just looking for something new and fresh. The darker stones and travertine tile sort of remind me of Tuscan colors. They have already covered that look. Currently the editors are passing on white kitchens and white backsplashes. Remember they are shooting for next (2014) Spring and Summer issues right now. They are looking for kitchens with more color, white cabinets with colored backsplashes; blue cabinetry; yellow cabinetry; etc. Even more gray cabinetry. I've been given a sneak peek at some of the kitchens that they are working on right now and really, lots more fun colors.

Can't wait to see your project!

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Magazine editors often have themes in mind (the farm house kitchen, the modern kitchen, how to choose the right sink...) and ad space to sell. Still, they know more about visual balance than most folks.

Speaking of balance, might you consider another bs tile in place of the 4" x 4" tiles you show? I think a greater uniformity in finish would compliment your stone better, look less travertine-y, and look less dated over time. Also, you might want to lay it out in a diamond pattern if sticking to the 4" x 4" format, or choose a rectangle and lay out in a herringbone pattern.

This is vitrail handmade tile by Fireclay.

Maple Sugar


Silver Haze

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Thanks for the suggestions. So many factors go into the choice, including time and budget along with the aesthetics, but I've sent them to my "tile design guy" because the backsplash isn't yet set in stone (pun intended!) :-)

Regardless, I think it got lost in the above that the 4x4s are definitely not straight laid. They are one row parallel to counter, then the green glass border, then diagonal all the way up.

Thanks for joining on though - I think all opinions, experience and expertise help make the design so much better!

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