New Pool - First Quote and Advice needed

briankortApril 3, 2011

Hello All,

I always get great feedback and guidance on Gardenweb, so wanted to reach out on a new pool project we are planning.

We are in the process of closing on a new home and as part of the process we want to have a pool installed. We want to put in an in-Ground pool in Central NJ (Old Bridge).

The yard is pretty much a blank slate of about 100x100 level fenced land - with a footprint area of about 60x60 behind the house on our survey. First question, can a pool be built outside of the footprint area lined out on the survey, or is this when variances come into play?

Initially we did NOT plan on doing a full landscape and patio design, but to build the pool in a logical place and then work the rest of the yard in separate phases as we have the $$ to do so. The house does have a modest concrete patio but we would eventually expand that, so would set the pool back some distance from the patio/house. Our initial budget is between 40-45k for the pool.

Our first estimate was with Anthony & Sylvan pools. Here are the specs:

- Gunite pool

- 500 SQ ft. free form

- 8ft deep end

- 2 returns

- Jandy 1 1/2 HP pump

- Jandy 48 SQ ft DE filter

- H 110a heat pump (Jandy?)

- One fusion sanitizer

- One Polaris 360 pool cleaner

- a solar recirculation system

- 350 SQ ft of Kool deck surfacing around the pool

- One LED multicor underwarter light

- all permits costs included

The representative states that there will be no additional out of pocket costs and that this price is all inclusive, pending any optional items we may dicide to add on to the job. All electrical, plumbing and comnstruction is included. FYI, we never divulged our budget. Total: $43,000

I have seen various less than flattering comments about AS, and some fine comments. Is there a particular resource I can used too guage user preferences/experiences with pool builders in central NJ?

I am really looking for feedback on this pricing as well as feedback on local pool builders and experiences, as we will be looking to get additional esitmates.

Thanks in advance.

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We're in Central Jersey too... getting ready for a fiberglass installation in 15 days. One major resource we've checked is the company's BBB rating, and making sure they're a BBB member. (Companies can be rated, and not a member of the BBB, or rated AND a member of the BBB). Our company, Seasonal World in Clarksburg, NJ (near Great Adventure) checked out, and they also do gunite.

I would (after checking out BBB ratings) is to set up at least 2 more estimates and see how they stack up against one another.

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Would you message me. I would like to ask you something off line.


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I have an estimate from A&S in Pearland TX and was about to sign, and now I am finding all this negativity toward A&S. Please let me know: are you continuing with A&S? How has your experience gone? I'd really appreciate any advice.

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I agree about A&S and issues. They do eventually get it right and do build a decent pool but they have perpetual project management issues.

OTOH, Seasonal World has made some very significant strides since they right sized a number of years ago. While gunite is relatively new for them, they are using the right people. I do still need to see an in progress project and want to see their customers pop in here for reports though.

Other decent gunite builders in my area are Swim-Mor and East Coast Concepts. Blue Haven in our area is OK but seems to have made some recent internal changes that may have an impact.


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It has been a long while since I visited, but we used Seasonal World and we are very happy with the results. I would say the project management had some holes in the communications and I needed to stay on top of things and continually prod things where I was initially lead to believe I would be able to sit back and let them handle all.

I can provide more details if requested.

PoolGuy, I wish you the best!!

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Did you go ahead with A&S, how did it work out?

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They used Seasonal World. See the post before yours, bigfunky.


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Can you contact me at regarding your pool with seasonal world. Thank you!

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@bigfunky, we are looking at Seasonal World and would love to talk to you offline as well. Can you email me @ Thanks.

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Regarding Seasonal World, I meant @briankort. Thanks!

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