replacing the ' skirt 'of a front porch

bentapApril 22, 2012

I need to replace the skirting of my front porch. builder and original owner did not use pressure treated wood, put mulch and dirt right up to bottom of skirt and no gutters... ergo a problem

I have added gutters,moved much away and am trying to decide whether

" plastic wood" would be the best choice? I live in southern coastal weather is a factor. I would also like to eventually paint the house and trim...

Thanks for your suggestions and recommendations

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Here's how I built ours. Obviously mulch is not an issue but your replacement can be constructed off-the-ground to accommodate clearance.

Personally I fear warpage with pressure treated. This is cedar, parts stained before assembly (cedar doesn't accept paint well).

Hope this helps.

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We used brick instead of any kind of wood. The mason dug a small footer of about 8 inches and the wall is just one brick deep. It's not load bearing,obviously, but it makes the decking look more permanent. You could use stone, particularly something that's native to your part of the country.

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Thanks to kswl and fnmroberts....the pictures help a lot. @fmnroberts..what are the two openings at either end...are they for ventilation or do they serve another purpose??

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