Any comments on the Hansgrohe T302 shower system?

threeapplesDecember 28, 2011

is it problematic or annoying to only have one function for the rain shower head? Also, faucet direct confirmed you can use the jets, handshower and rain shower at once if you have enough water pressure. We'll have well water, might this be a problem? thanks for any comments!

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Do a practice run with all the jets, shower heads, etc. I followed all pipe, flow rate, psi etc and ended up with body sprays that tinkle and not spray when the 10" rain head is operating. On the 3 way valve only one port is larger and the other two are smaller .. I wished I had pre tested before the tiling.

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If you want to utilize multiple functions at the same time, and have good performance, you'll need a separate control for each. The rain shower head uses all the output potential from the shower valve. I have one. I have 2 separate Hansgrohe control valves: one for the rainshower, the other for the regular shower. We can use both together and the water flow is just fine. It is important to run 3/4" lines for the hot supply right up to the where the branch tee's off to 1/2" for each shower control. 1/2" lines can really only supply a single shower valve at a time.

The inputs and outputs for a shower control valve are all 1/2", therefore they are not sized properly to supply 2 fixtures (i.e. rain shower and body spray) at the same time. Use separate controls and you will get the best performance.

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