PB Question - Spa Water Level Dropping

thejimbarApril 24, 2012

Every morning my raised spa water level is 10-12" below "normal". Suspect I either have a bad check valve or a bad Neverlube valve. Below is a picture of my pump/filter setup. The check valve is on the line under the left hand valve actuator and the Neverlube valve is under the right hand actuator. Need someone to confirm these are possible suspects and offer solutions/suggestions. Any advice appreciated. There is no evidence of any cracks or leaks in spa.

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I had same problem a few years back and it was the check valve.

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Scott, any good advice?

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One of 3 things.

1) The spa shell is leaking either at a crack or a fitting such as the edge of a drain or a jet. Not real likely but possible. Possible but not really likely. Would require emptying the spa and checking the edges for gaps and cracks. Finding them means verifying with either a dye pen syringe (had a 3" tube to reduce currents) or food coloring to check if the spacing are drawing in water.

2) Check valve flapper's gasket is out of shape or there is debris at the edge. Most likely. Empty the spa below the jets and remove the 8 screws so you can pry the top off and look. Use a #3 Phillips to keep from marring the screws.

3) The valve in front of the pump is leaking. Not likely since NeverLube valves tend to be pretty reliable. Requires lowering the spa to pool height and removing the 8 screws holding the top of the valve. I am assuming the equipment is above the water level and below (requires the pool and spa be plugged, drains too). I know the actuator is attached to the valve. Use a #3 Phillips to keep from marring the screws.


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Scott, there are 2 check valves, one just out of the heater, and the other on the spa side of the left hand valve with actuator. Which one (or both?) would make sense to be the suspect one? Do you mean the Neverlube valve could be leaking around the edge ofthe valve (and then dripping) or do you mean internally?

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The last one that is attached to the pipe going to the spa will be the likely culprit.

The NeverLube's internal gate has a gasket that has the potential. If a piece of debris was caught in there at some point, it can mar the gasket or score the valve body. The only way to know once the check valve is eliminated is to open the NeverLube and look.

The one after the heater is to keep a chlorine feed from back flowing into the heater. Chlorine can eat copper. The check valve keeps that from happening.


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You da man, thanks Scott. Hope you are feeling good. Keep the faith and thanks again.


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I had the same problem a year ago and found cracks in both the plastic skimmer and water fill. There was also a hole around the drain fixture. My water was leaking into the ground. I was amazed, but I was losing 4,000 gallons a month! I repaired using underwater epoxy.

You can troubleshoot by leaving the equipment turned off and measure the pool level at the step with a tape measure. Wait a day with the equipment off and measure it again. If you multiply the water drop in feet by the pool surface area in feet you will get the number of cubic feet of water loss, also.

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Took out and cleaned both check valves, issue solved.

Yesterday, the valve actuator went.....got 5 years out of the first one...new one on the way, think I can do the install without any questions. Seems pretty cut and dry.

Thanks AGAIN!

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