things to avoid around a jacuzzi

cateyanneApril 21, 2012

We're putting in a Jacuzzi this year as part of a backyard landscaping project that includes everything in the surrounding area. I have heard some comments from people who have Hot tubs, etc. that there are certain trees, plants etc. to definitely avoid. One person said not to have an evergreen tree near it or the needles will clog up the filter, though I don't know what particular species they are referring to. Things similar that will make the Relaxing atmosphere and entertainment factor of the area a negative is what I'm trying to avoid. We will use it in the daytime but also at night and I don't want to make mistakes with my landscaping, etc. Any ideas?

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Try to leave room all the way around for a man to work.

Never allow glass nearby. Never!



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Thanks Scott
good tip.

I need to make plantings though, because we desire some privacy from the neighbors, or houses are not that far apart.

Any thoughts on the evergreen needles? or other messy plantings?


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Nice semi portable DIY privacy screen. You can build or have a contractor make it for you. Good way to add color too with the fabric.

Here is a link that might be useful: DIY Privacy Screen

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Fori is not pleased

Will you be covering it most of the time when not in use? If so, I don't think it'll matter much. I would certainly avoid prickly things--and evergreens often are.

One of my favorite screens from when I lived in your part of the world is Fargesia spp bamboo. There are several species, and most are suitable for your climate and all are pretty. There's a chance it will stay green all winter and that can be really nice. It's a clumper, not a spreader.

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I have a few clumping bamboos (Ying-Yang, Black Timor) to screen my pool and spa from the neighbor. They're planted about 6' from the pool edge, and right now I'm pulling bamboo leaves out of the skimmers and vacuum every day. And I need to get a net to help out the vacuum (on my list for today).

But I wouldn't think it would be a problem if you're going to cover the Jaccuzzi.

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Thanks, I guess the difference with a jacuzzi and pool is that a jacuzzi gets covered more, hence less of a problem with cleaning leaves, etc. Bamboo was suggested by a friend so I'll have to keep that in mind. Thanks. Love the screen Idea, very pretty!

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