Stamped concrete patio wrong color

therealdiehl91April 24, 2014

We had our patio replaced with stamped concrete. Instead of picking actual colors we gave the contractor pictures of what we wanted it to look like. They poured and stamped it two days ago and came back yesterday to take off the extra release but it looks nothing like what we wanted. I've read it can take a month to cure and come to the permanent color but can anyone tell me if it really changes that much? I'm not sure if this is the contractors error or if we're just over concerned. The first picture is what we gave the contractor and second is ours. It's hard to see because it's overcast in the picture but in person it's much more blue-gray and the release actually looks lighter than the concrete.

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This is what ours looks like...

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They look pretty similar to me. It's very attractive at least in this photo.

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Looks similar to me too.

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Your new stamped patio looks great! Nice clean lines. One difference I see is the top picture looks like they have sealed it already and yours not. Sealing it is important step to complete and will alter your current patio sometimes giving it a bit of sheen depending on the sealer used. Im not an expertâ¦I just have our own stamped porch. Be happy with that beautiful space!

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I like your blue-gray tone better than the pinky-beige tone in the first picture. It looks good to me.

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I agree, your patio looks great.

Here's the thing: You can't expect the contractor to match a color in a photo like that. The photo isn't accurate, and there's no way that he could say with any confidence that your patio will look like the one in the photo -- even if he knew exactly what stain was used.

You have a very attractive patio. The coloring of your patio looks more like slate and less like the stamped concrete of the original photo. They did a great job!

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I like yours better!

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