Top 2' of Infinity Edge Leaking...

ncrealestateguyApril 16, 2011

Water has been seeping through my infinity edge about 2" below the top... pretty much the entire length of the edge. I kinda remember when the tile guy was tiling it, that he built up the top of the edge by applying about 2" of concrete to get to the correct height. I think this two inches has delaminated from the gunite. If this is the case, what is the proper fix? The PB is coming out next week to look and fix. Pool is 3 years old. Thanks.

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EDIT: Should read top 2 inches...

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Any pictures.
Where is it leaking out on the back side.
Is the whole top tile?
If whole top is tile, then you would need to tear it all off and do it again, only right this time.

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Make sure they waterproof under the tile. IMO negative edges should be waterproofed on both the positive and negative sides.

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Yes, it is leaking from the front (pool side) to the trough side. The whole top is tile. It was not waterproofed on top... only the trough side was painted.
JustaPB, what is the right way?
I will post pics later today.

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