Can you put a faucet with 1 1/4" pipe into hole that is 1 3/8"

CT_NewbieDecember 14, 2013

We have to switch our faucets. The hole in the granite was cut for the Rohl Modern Lux which I think is 1 3/8 thick (but the top part that sits on the granite is wider). We want to use the Rohl Modern Architectural Faucet which is only 1 1/4" thick. The retail store called Rohl who said it wouldn't be a problem. I am worried about shifting?

Does the plumber have to do anything to fill up the gap? Is the faucet held in place mostly by the top part above th counter? Please explain. We'd like to understand this before buying the 2nd faucet. Since we're returning the first one, I think we are limited to Rohls.

Thank you!

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Much of what you say makes no sense at all so reading betwen the lines:
By "thick" you mean diameter of holes through the counter,all sinks and counters have larger holes than nessary. Yours is normal.
By "gap" you mean the difference between where facuet and counter where facuet passes through hole,not to worry,it is normal and will not effect mounting facuet.
The manufacture has assured you it will work,it doesn't get better than that.

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Standard drilling and sink castings are 1-3/8".
All sink fixture mfg. design and develop their fixtures to accommodate this standard.

Take, for instance, the 1/4" hot/cold water dispensers.

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Thank you both! Yes, klem, you interpreted my layman's description correctly. Glad to know you both think it will work.

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