Blue Lagoon Pebbletec

cdmatlApril 9, 2013

Could anyone share pics of a finished pool with blue laggon pebbletec?

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As I warn everyone who asks, the color of the pool is extremely dependent on the sun intensity and angle. Here in the central west coast of Florida, the seasonal sun angle changes pretty dramatically - with 12:00 at due north and 9:00 at due west, my winter sun sets at 7:00 and my summer sun sets at 10:30 (pool is on the west side of the house), so we have different sun angles every week.

Daily, the color of the pool is completely different in the morning, high noon, afternoon and evening. Cloud cover obviously makes a big difference, too, but also factor in reflection from the surroundings - green landscaping or light house paint color.

That all said, my pool is the shade of Windex blue that I like...sometimes. Sometimes it totally clashes with the blue waterline tile that I chose (I would choose a contrasting color vice matching color if I had to do it over). Overall, I love it because I'm happy with varying shades of blue vice. I only get a hint of green when there is dark cloud cover - somehow it allows more reflection of the landscaping.

Showing pictures online can be deceiving - colors can be off from the camera, or from the monitor you are viewing the pictures from, so please keep that in mind.

Please peruse my blog from building my pool for the pictures. Most of the pictures seem to be pretty accurate in color, but not all, because I did no corrections on the photos before posting. We are going into our third season now.

Here is a link that might be useful: My New Blue Pool Blog

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Hi c9pilot,
I love your Tiki hut! Do you mind telling me how you find the thatch for your hut? Did you have to buy them somewhere or find a farm near by? I want to DIY this project with my husband so we'll see...:)

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I'm not sure which pictures you are looking at, but we took down the fence and the tiki straddles the property line with our neighbors so we share it.
So the neighbor and my husband designed and built the base and frame, and when we went about to research the thatch, we ended up visiting the place where we would've ordered the thatch online (about 1.5 hour drive). My DH wanted to discuss how many layers and how much thatch for the size and see the guy's huts to investigate how it's done. In the end, the guy said that he wanted to keep his workers busy and offered the thatch installed for the same price as the materials, so naturally we agreed.
He harvests the leaves from wild sabal palms and has a permit to get them from state land - says landscaped palms don't get leaves big enough.
When the guys showed up, the leaves were already sorted, stacked, and prepped (with the single nail). One guy shuttled them from the trailer to the backyard and picked them up the cut stalks, one guy handed them up to the roof guy one by one, and the guy on the roof would grab it with one hand and twist, hammer two or three strokes down, and then chop (the other end of the hammer instead of a nail puller had a hatchet) the extra stalk off. It was really impressive and I don't think we would've figured out the fold. It only took them maybe two hours and the thing doesn't leak at all.
If, and this is a big if, I get the chance, I'll post pictures of the installation. I've been meaning to post some updated pool pictures, too, now that the landscaping has filled in.
And if I find the name of the thatch place, I'll put it up, too.

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Great pictures and details in general, awesome!

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