Replace Badger 1/2 hp disposal?

southland76December 12, 2013

Good afternoon, I posted this message on the kitchen forums as well to see what sort of experiences others have had with this unit. I'm currently remodeling our kitchen and wanted to get opinions on whether I should replace a badger 5 1/2 hp disposal? This unit is approximately 2 years old and is working fine, however I've read that they can be problematic in the long haul for some.
Do you think that I should replace a unit that is working perfectly fine presently with a better model (was thinking of the evolution 3/4 hp) to avoid any possible issues? Keep in mind that this unit does not get heavy usage.

Thanks for your input

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If it aint broke, don't fix it.

Both are ISE models so the sink flanges are inter-changable.

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Keep it. Easy enough to change when it eventually fails.

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Thanks for helping to make this decision much easier, one less detail to worry about!

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Being itâÂÂs only 2 years old I wouldnâÂÂt be concerned about using it. You should get may more years out of it and as homebound mentioned, if it ever fails itâÂÂs not difficult to replace.

Off topic and a bit of Levity.... When I read the subject line âÂÂReplace Badger disposalâ I had to chuckle as it reminded me of an old Mr. Obvious skit. Hope this puts a smile on your face. Click the link below

Here is a link that might be useful: The Critter

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The Evolution disposers are much quieter, if that matters to you. Also more powerful, although I've found the low-end Badger generally works fine.

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Thanks, for the little bit of use it will get i will keep the badger.

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