polaris problem

bhebertApril 18, 2011

I just purchased a polaris 3900 and have an issue. My pool is very cloudy due to my DE filter being dirty and there is a layer of DE on the bottom of the pool. When I first put the polaris in the pool it worked fine with the proper wheel RPM. I emptied the bag twice. I did notice as the polaris was running it kicked up a large cloud of DE as it was cleaning.

Now the wheels do not turn. I checked the inline filter and it is clear as well as the skimmer baskets are clear. I am afraid that something inside of the polaris is clogged with the DE and preventing flow of water to the gears that run the wheels. Can someone help with this? Will I need to take it apart and clean it out?

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Your pool filter's grid has a hole in it. Thats how the DE got in the pool. Alas, the finger filter is too coarse for for DE and chances are quite good that some DE got in the backup valve and in the channels in the filter. It's disassembly time. Fortunately back flushing the water channel isn't too hard.


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I took the DE filter apart and the manifold on top was cracked. I ordered a replacement.

Regarding the Polaris, I also had alot of pollen dust at the bottom of the pool as well that may have clogged it. Where is the finger filter on the Polaris? Is that the inline filter in the supply line from the wall of the pool or is there another filter inside the Polaris unit? Is the backup valve the part on the supply line the sprays water to back up the unit? I should disassemble it as well?

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Yes, in the quick connector.

Whats in the pool is not what got you though that may have gotten in some, it's what got shot into the hose and into the sweep's drive and hoses. There are some pretty small jets inside. Also check inside the backup module. The gear box in there may have captured some DE too.


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