pressure = fuzzy even with pro? and they used bleach

toadangelApril 22, 2009

i have peeling solid light grey stain on a pressure treated deck that the previous owner applied. I decided not to try to strip it since it was taking way too many chemicals. I hope to be able to use a darker solid stain over it & probably replace the top boards in several years. I decided to pressure wash the deck to get loose stain & dirt off. it was not moldy/mildewed as far as i could tell.

I had read that in a novice's hands, a pressure washer can cause fuzz on the wood, so i hired a company who did the wash yesterday. there is fuzz on the spindles and some of the tops of the railings. is this normal from a professional job as well?

also, they told me over the phone that they use a "mildew cleaner" that wouldn't harm my pet or plants. once i got home i could tell it had been bleach. isn't that a no-no in that it harms the wood?

I want to know how much i should complain, or how justified my frustration is.



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It's almost impossible to not raise the grain (create fuzz) when pressure washing. The older the wood, the easier it is. You won't notice it after awhile as it darkens again.

Bleach won't harm wood. Unless they used extremely concentrated, plants should be fine as well. If all your surrounding shrubs and grass die within the next week, give them a call.

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thanks very much. that helps to put my expectations in line

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